Let’s go for a hike

Whereas for most of us their study began with the Storming of the Bastille during the Kick In, none of us had actually ever ‘stormed’ a ‘real’ Bastille in Grenoble in France. Up until today.

Although it was not really ‘storming’ the Bastille, after about an hour of climbing and walking, we managed to get on top of the old fortress that was firstly build in 1592 and has a height of more then 200 meters relative to its surroundings. Unsurprisingly, the views are mesmerizing.

For some, this climb was enough for the day and they went back to the hotel to sleep, to do laundry, to watch a movie in the cinema or to visit a museum. For a few daredevils, however, it was not enough and they went on to a hike in the mountains.

The route was ‘intermediate’, according to the local who gave us the route and he was right. After about another 800 meters walking and climbing, sometimes literally climbing or walking next to very steep slopes, a maximum altitude of 1046 meters was reached. The views were even more mesmerizing then at the top of the Bastille and of course the scenery is as pretty as you can expect from the (pre) Alps.

In total, the walk took about 8 hours and although some muscles bight be a bit sore, it was definitely a perfect activity.