Travelling day! Approaching the final country

Hello readers, Here I am again with another daily update. This update marks the start of the final phase of the study tour. This morning we left Grenoble and we started our journey towards the last country, Italy! The remainder of the study tour we will visit several locations in Italy.

The theme of today is mostly travelling because it takes some time to get to Milan, which is the first destination. We arrive there hopefully in the middle of the afternoon. After checking-in and exploring the hotel there is some free time to explore the city and find out how the public transport system works. Something we have gotten quite good at after two weeks of visiting several cities.

After that we will suit-up for dinner followed by traditional Scintilla activity, the Cantus. Although it will probably not be a Cantus as the participants normally are used to it will certainly be fun and result in a good time.

Luckily the weekend is fortunate for us, not only did we get an extra hour of sleep because of the changing of the clock. But tomorrow is an official holiday in Italy which gives us an extra day of weekend to charge up for the last week!

Kind regards, Bas van Laerhoven