Science and tech museum and guided tour

Ciao tutti,

Today started a bit slow. Not because our schedule was empty, but because the breakfast at the hotel had table service, and only one employee was actually servicing tables. Nonetheless, we all managed to be ready in time to go to the Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Technologia Leonardo da Vinci (which roughly translates as ‘National Science and Technology Museum Leonardo da Vinci’).

At the start of the museum, we were greeted by an exhibition describing 100 years in 25 colours, from Black Hand to Gilets Jeunes. We were subsequently led through an exposition on Leonardo da Vinci, through exhibitions on food, cities and space (with a focus on sustainability), and along trains, boats and planes.

After splitting up for lunch and free time, we met again at 17:00 for a guided tour through Milan. The tour guide brought us from the recently developed area around the 2015 Expo, through the new fashion district, on towards Milan’s city centre. We ended through the Gallery onto the Piazza Duomo, and finished the tour with a nice aperitivo.