Wrapping up Milano

Welcome to the summary of our last day in Milan!

We started the day early as we were visiting Milans technical university, Politecnico di Milano, in the morning. We traveled via metro and train to the Bovisa campus, where the department of energy is located.

Here, we got to see the laboratory of the Converters, Electrical Machines and Drives Group which hosted a testing setup for a gearbox-less windmill generator. Our knowledge on electrical machines was challenged and we got a nice demo of the machine in action. Afterwards, we visited the Leonardo campus in the city center, where the university electronics labs are located. We were shown battery testing setups, a high voltage laboratory and an anechoic chambre for EMC tests. This concluded our comprehensive tour of the universities electrical engineering facilities.

After seeing the Duomo the day before, we couldn’t resist, and had to revisit the kathedral. Not only did we admire it’s majestic insides, we also climbed the many stairs to the roof. From here we had a different view of the church itself and could watch the city landscape illuminated by the setting sun.

After the descent, which was significantly easier than the climb, we enjoyed a meticulously arranged assortiment of Milanese and Italian courses, accompanied by a nice local red wine. We ended this jam-packed day relatively early to pack our suitcases as we are leaving Milan for Parma on Wednesday morning.

Thanks for reading!