The full Parma experience

Hello readers, Today was another interesting day. We visited no less than three cities. We woke up in our hotel in Milan where we enjoyed our breakfast and packed our bags. After that we entered the bus towards the university of Parma. At the university they gave us two presentations about communications engineering and computer vision. After the presentations they gave us a quick tour through their different labs which gave us a lot of insight in how they arrange their research. After a quick lunch in the university canteen we went back in the bus towards some cultural activities.

First we went to a factory where they make traditional certified Parma ham. The entire process and traditions were explained followed by a tasting session. The next factory was where they make Parmiganio reggiano cheese. Again the entire process from milking the cows to creating certified cheese was explained.

After the tasting we went back in the bus to travel to Bologna. There we checked in in our hotel, joined up with our last supervisor Stefano and went towards dinner. The dinner consisted of multiple courses which showed us traditional Bolognese food.

Kind regards, Bas van Laerhoven