Back to the Netherlands

Dear reader,

I am writing this daily update with mixed feelings. Because this updates marks the final day of the study tour. And while I am desperate for a good night sleep I am also remembering the activities of the past three weeks.

When we departed three weeks ago we had a general idea of our planning, a good motivation and a comfortable budget. During the trip we planned a lot on the spot and everyone was involved in making the study tour a succes. That is why I use this update to thank all my fellow participants for making this an amazing study tour.

Because amazing it was, the budget is now (almost) depleted, our energy is mostly gone and the stress and uncertainties fall of our shoulders. But this are replaced by unforgettable memories, a few extra kilos from the delicious food, new friendships and a few thousand photos we still need to sort out.

For the actual update, today was not so exciting. We departed early this morning towards the airport, after a short flight we safely landed at Eindhoven Airport. After that we could once more experience the Dutch public transport infrastructure which took us back to Enschede. Which took up most of the day.

Tonight everyone will most likely get a well-deserved rest and for some the study will continue on Monday morning. In the coming weeks we will start working on finalizing the study tour and making our memories permanent.

For now, goodbye!

Kind regards,

Bas van Laerhoven