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Study tour 2023

A group of 19 electrical engineering students studying at the University of Twente are organizing a study tour to South Korea. In October 2023, we will travel to South Korea, visiting destinations ranging from the bustling capital Seoul, to Ulsan, home to the world’s largest car manufacturing plant, to the beautiful Jeju Island.

By visiting famous universities and important companies, we will get the opportunity of our lifetimes to experience South Korea up close, while learning all about the companies and culture of the country that rose from the ashes to a well-deserved leadership in this Age of Technology.


Green light!

01-05-2023 by Rienk van der Wijk
A few weeks ago we received the great news that our supervisory committee had given us the green light. This means that we had gathered the minimal funds necessary to go on the trip. We are not there yet though: most of the plane tickets have been bought, but a lot of work still has to go towards the cases and the organization of the trip itself. Although we have received the green light, we are still looking for more sponsors to make the trip as amazing as possible.

Successful first case weekend

28-11-2022 by Rienk van der Wijk and Rick Ruitenbeek
Two weeks ago we organized our first case weekend, and it was a great success. In this weekend the participants of the study tour sat together to work hard on the first cases that were received from companies and research groups. We worked fulltime for two days, while also keeping it fun by having lunch together and watching movies afterwards. Thanks to this weekend we booked a lot of progress, so in the future we will definitely continue to organize more case weekends like this.

Website online!

03-10-2022 by Sijmen Schoon
Welcome to the Study Tour: Age of Technology website! If everything goes to plan, exactly a year from now we’ll be exploring South Korea. Up until then, we will have to work hard to make it a great trip. This website will be the best source for participants, companies, and everyone interested to keep up to date with our progress on this trip!