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You as a company can contribute to Age of Technology, and we believe that your sponsorship benefits both of us. As you reach out to Electrical Engineering students, even besides the participants, to university staff and to companies both in the Netherlands and South Korea you bring your company beyond prior boundaries.

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How do we collaborate?

There are various ways you can support us. Sponsorships are a common way of backing; they provide a quick but efficient way for advertisement. Besides that, a visit to your company, preferably in South Korea, will create an experience for the participants. At last with case studies the participants can put their skills and knowledge into practice and solve your (technical) problems.

Engaging in a collaboration can benefit your company in the following ways:


Sponsorship may be provided in both material form or as financial aid. For the material sponsorship the possibilities are endless, and we encourage you to be creative. It may range from e-readers to clothes or even accommodation during the tour itself.

Some possible forms of sponsoring are:


To enhance our study tour we would like to visit your company branch in South Korea. These visits will benefit both parties as it will be a valuable and educational experience for the students. On the other hand, you will develop the interests of our participants for your company. At these excursions you can show us new innovations, interesting projects, your working principles or company visions. By providing such an excursion, you encourage the participants to explore foreign working environments.

Case studies

A case study is a small project carried out by enthusiastic students. Such a project could be research, development or improvement of existing products. The participants of Age of Technology are all in the later stages of their study as they are at least third year students and more than two third is in their master stage. There is no need for individual contracting, as the contracting will be done in co-operation with us. These students are willing to use their knowledge and insight to finance the study trip.

All participants are capable of at least:

The students have in addition to that their own area of expertise as a result of the choices they make in their bachelor and master courses. Besides this, they have a broad range of interests outside their curriculum that can aid in the research at your company. Combining their incredible resourcefulness, they can form a perfect team for solving all kinds of problems. We can find the right students for almost any situation.


Mainly by doing cases, the study tour is financed. Case studies give the students a unique way to gain work experience and come in contact with potential future employers.

Providing such a case brings forth benefits, such as:


Are you interested in or do you have questions concerning a collaboration? Please contact our head of acquisition Alexander Keizer via email at, or via phone at +31 6 29025137.